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This sounds like a myth busters episode. Interesting discussion. I have two Maggie TVS2300 setups. With my Vette with LS3 and 9ish psi, the IAT's at the end of a run depend totally on the IAT's and OAT's at the start of the run. They pretty consistently go up 40 to 45 degrees from the start to the finish.

With airflow over the h/e, the IAT's are 9 to 12 degrees over ambient. 95 degree day, it's 105ish at the start. Mash it from a 30mph roll in 95 degree temps and IAT's will get up to 140 at 140mph. If I don't brake too hard, I can turn around and do it again without going much over 140 degree IAT's. Waiting in line at the strip is a whole nother story. IAT's start at 20 to 30 over ambient and go up from there. 2nd gear burnout can make it worse yet.

My other TVS2300 is on a built LQ4 6.0L in a half ton flat bed truck. The h/e is a full size radiator with e fans mounted on the bed of the truck. It never heat soaks. Always has cool coolant going to the intercooler. IAT's ebb and flow almost exactly like the vette only the truck isn't dependent on forward motion for airflow over the h/e. I can run the snot out of it in hot weather and the IAT's go down immediately after I remove my foot from it.

Running more air through the motor after a hard run also cools IAT's quicker. If you slam the throttle shut after a run, it doesn't cool near as quick as leaving it in a lower gear and having the throttle open a little when slowing down. Oh, and after a hard run, the blower is the coolest thing under the hood. It has its own radiator
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