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Originally Posted by SC2150 View Post
Bumblebee, please PM your name and address and we will refund you.

as I said earlier, I'm too deep in this ordeal to jump ship now. I'm sure my LSA is pretty soaked with oil vapor with the 900+ miles I've already put on the car. so waiting another week, or two or three or whenever my damn order ships won't make a difference now. what's done is done. my 2010's SS intake was insanely soaked with oil when we installed the Maggie and the engine only had 300 miles. there's no telling what 900 miles has done on my LSA engine.

I wouldn't be nowhere near as mad as I am had your company A) plainly stated these items were not in stock and B) had I not been told my order would ship on this date when it didn't. I am familiar with HTML web programming and I do know changing a few words on a website doesn't require a degree in IT to accomplish this task. I'm guessing this is something that has missed your attention and it keeps missing your attention. just post the approx shipping estimate dates so customers like myself do not depend on something that's obviously not going to arrive in a timely manner.

I'm also in the retail business but it's a rare thing that I let my customers down. however, when I do, I more than compensate them by giving the extra effort in making them feel like their disappointment was worth the let down. All I have from RX Performance is a more than likely oil soaked intake track and a few empty promises on product delivery.

^ not a very good batting average on your company's behalf.....
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