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Originally Posted by mp51998 View Post
Cool. What's on the list next?

Hi Mike,

You home yet? My next thing is I'm trying to get all the parts together to install a 4 gauge pack on my 1SS. I didn't want leather, hence the 1SS, but I do want gauges. It was simple on the 2010-2012, but they changed the wiring and dimensions on the 2013. Luckily, Gen5 DIY just stocked a custom plug-and-play cable for the 13's. I have the gauges already and am waiting on the shift plate/panel and that wiring harness. It should take all of 10 minutes to put in as I've already taken apart and reassembled my console.

The other thing I want to do is install my CAI...I know, I've had it a month and still haven't done it... I was hoping for dayshift soon so I could run FS at autocross at least once before modding anything. (Good excuse, right?) At least I'll stay away from all you blazing fast ESP folks...

So, how is Dubai at this time of year? Party city?
Okay, ok; I know where my Camaro is now! In my driveway!

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