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Originally Posted by 90503 View Post
I think this "Creature Comfort" business has gotten out of hand...Unless it has elaborate luxuries, it's said to lack "creature comforts"

Eliminating extraneous creature comfort "mass" is just a tool to reduce weight.
Windows that keep out the rain, doors that close and lock, instrument guages for the engine, a roof, power steering, power brakes, turn signals,
a comfortable seat (non-power, non six-way memory, non-heating, non -cooling), windshield defroster, cabin heater....are plenty enough creature
I agree with the creature comfort thing, take it all off, strip that car down, it should be purposeful and mean with no regard for human comfort. But when you are resorting to thinning the glass, I am sure you have run out of things to cut out. Speaking of which, since GM did not get a lap time, at the ring, to boast about yet, I am sure a press release will come soon with a list of addition item they have decided to lighten or remove.
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