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Originally Posted by wildpaws View Post
What auto magazines do you see putting the same tires on every vehicle to compare them? They don't! They test them as they are equipped from the factory, even in multicar comparison tests. You certainly sound like a ZL1 owner that looks for every reason to denigrate the Z/28. If you don't like the idea that the Z/28 may be a better track car than the ZL1, you do have the option of not participating on the Z/28 threads. And I promise I won't come over to the ZL1 forum section to dog on the ZL1. Your constant negativity on nearly every Z/28 thread is getting extremely boring.
Any sensible performance minded person that see this 3 second claim made will recognize the significance of the tire issue. As far as me being against the z28 being a better track car, I never said or implied that. I am positive if I were to race regularly in a class that was 4 seat FR, I would run the Z28. If I wanted to race in a higher level, it would be Z06. Not zl1 or zr1.
My issue was with the decision by gm to try to market the z28 against the zl1 with the 3 second claim. Its is the same as if the 1LE had be lapped with trofeos and then gm claimed it was the better designed track car, people would think twice about that and say "impossible.". While I think the z28 is the better track car, I still wanna see them lap the zl1 with trofeos and post those results, bet they are too scared to do such a simple, inexpensive test. engineers.....waiting????
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