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Originally Posted by htron50 View Post
This is what was condescending. Don't throw a grenade in a room and run out... then when someone reacts you claim they are acting up?

We purists want to see how much of the 3 seconds (vs ZL1) is attributable to only the Tires and Brakes. Or just the Tires. Logical question. No need to deflect on what the question is. Do you know the answer? If not, you just don't get it and that's ok too!

Grenade? Not understanding your use of the word purist?

The thing is I don't care if the ZL1 outperforms the Z/28 it's not what I'm looking for. As a matter in fact I never expected the Z/28 to outperform the ZL1. Just like I wont ever take it to the drags. Not my thing. I want a drivers car not a S'Charged GT or a 1/4 miler.
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