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Originally Posted by JimE View Post
The look of total concentration!
Jim he concentrates better when he bites his lip, LOL

Trunk Redo 4

The work continues on the trunk. I did some hammer/dollying and shrinking of the channel were the battery cable ran, creating a flange so that we can rivet the filler panel and make it look more finished.

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Started by heating the metal

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than gradually working it

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and finally cooling to shrink it. This work had a very therapeutic effect! Sorry forgot to take pictures of the finished product but came out really nice.

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This on the other hand was very monotonous!!!

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And not sure how much time I have spent doing this stuff but I am done Looks ten times better.

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Justin worked on making the rear bumper. It's coming along nicely. LC, no need to ask, pic will be coming, LOL

Tomorrow, same bat channel.

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