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Originally Posted by Jim968 View Post
My race car is a Porsche 968. Primary track is Mid Ohio, but I've been all over. Minimum weight with driver ranges from 3,000 to 3,236 depending on which series I'm running. The car has the big brake option, which is Brembos that are roughly the same size as the ones on our Camaros. Cooling is ducted from inlets on the front of the car.

Trust me the car is set up. In it I have 32 class wins, two regional championships and one national championship. Many of my competitors are using Castrol SRF which is the best fluid out there, but ridiculously expensive. The rest of us use Motul. I don't know any serious racer who is still using ATE.

What car(s) are you racing?

Started SCCA IT cars in the last 90s/early 2000s....Got asked to drive at a NASA event in the mid 2000s for a shop and found out about the the TT format. For budgetary reasons, to keep from swapping paint and to raise a family I last ran TTS. Last event was in 2007 @ Grattan. I only instruct and run HPDEs now.

The Evo below was the heaviest car I had tracked and it weighed in at 3420 with me in it, It also had the same/similar 4 pistons calipers as a Camaro and brake ducts as well....I only used ATE Super Blue fluid in it and at that last event at Gratton in 2007 I ran a 1.27.1 (before the repave).....The only NASA car faster on Saturday was the SU Shannon (1:24.x) pictured and on Sunday it was the Shannon again and then the AIX Mustang from Pauls with a 1.26.9

The point is, I used ATE Super Blue in a heavier car than your 968 with similar calipers to your 968 and the Camaro. I drove the car hard, ran faster than all of the NASA classes (SEE BELOW) that weekend with the exception of 1 SU car and 1AIX car and I had zero issues with the brakes or fluid.

Now that was 6 years ago and I have a heavier 1LE to slow down....Motul maybe in my future.

Note: the last one is a picture of your car at Grattan on the same weekend in 2007, we exchanged pleasantries as I admired your car..
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