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Clutch fluid contamination problems on Vette fixed for Camaro???

I am TOTALLY not trying to panic anyone... just get a better feeling myself...

I read that clutch fluid can be contaminated by clutch dust on the Corvette, but I didn’t believe it could get into a "closed" system...
I watched this video on clutch fluid contamination and my eyes were opened:

I am only assuming that the Camaro has the same clutch setup as the Corvette, hopefully it does not. (I asked in a separate thread and it looks like the slave is in the bell on both cars.)

I was out trying to get some 0-60 times this morning (which sucked BTW, surely MY fault). On the last launch I decided to EASE out on the clutch to control wheelspin more without bogging the engine with traction control off. About 1/4 of the way up my foot kept coming up but the pedal did not and the RPM's just soared (no wheelspin). I was moving, but not very fast. I tapped the clutch with my foot and then it engaged fully. I IMMEDIATELY thought of the video above.

I've got over 3K on the car and a "few" launches and hard shifts. I decided to check out my clutch fluid to see if it has "the contamination!"

OK, here is the good part… upon opening my hood to look specifically for the clutch reservoir, and verifying in the manual… I FIND THAT THE CLUTCH AND BRAKES ARE ONE RESERVOIR!
Clutch/Brake fluid combined on SS-M6… WHY?

Somebody PLEASE tell me GM has the clutch hydraulic contamination issue sorted out. If it is not we may not only be contaminating our clutches but OUR BRAKES as well! YIKES!
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