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Originally Posted by ZL1 Spoked View Post
Lol why would he show up with a ZL1 badge (4th pic) to a muscle car gathering.. Poser indeed .
I don't know. What you don't see is a third black ZL1 parked next to it. I was talking to the owner and he's like "why is everyone taking a pic of that car." We turned around and looked and saw the bumper.

I'll be back on Sunday, so if "The ladies of Vengeance" are back then I'll get them with some cars and take pics. But it will be all Camaros and Firebirds this time. Ill have probably 1000 pics from the whole weekend, pic a few good ones to put up on this forum. Ill probably put one under the ZL1 area. But a broader one with all 5th gens also for everyone.
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