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Originally Posted by Abdi View Post
Hey guys,

I took delivery of my 1LE two days ago that was built back around the week of 4/22. Yesterday iwas invited to a cars and coffee event this sunday hosted by one of the wealthiest guys in our neck of the woods. My car will probably be the least expensive car there as most cara will be exotics driven up from the cities in NY, NJ, CT and Boston metro. Regardless I want to make the car look presentable.

Can I seal/wax this new paint?
I have yet to purchase any of the high quality stuff that vendors like detailers domain have to offer but is there anything I can use from typical retailers to get by in a pinch?

Needless to say I will be placing an order of Sonax and auto finesse items no later then Saturday.
sorry for the delay, what color is your car?
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