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I have a custom Fsp tune. For those who question if there tune is giving them gains, well it isn't, that is if you have to question it. I had my car get flashed back to stick from a lazy tech who didn't wanna relearn my sensors for tires on a rotation. I left the dealer and I got on the gas and I was like wtf. Well after going back down to Fsp to see what the dealer did. All they did was flash me back to stock. I was so spoiled over the past three weeks with the Fsp tune from Matt and Rodney, that I thought something was wrong when the car was running in stock specs. So I will say if you question what your tune is doing to your car then I gotta say your tune is lacking. With my Fsp tune I have no doubt question or hesitation in saying its getting 110% out of my mistress and I love every second I'm sitting in that drivers seat.
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