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Originally Posted by gajagfan View Post
That is great news. Since I STILL am waiting for our car, I ask is it easy to tell when it engages, or is the message on the DIC the only clue you have it has engaged? I mean this seems like a great feature that would make things easier and reduce clutch slippage if your method is followed. I know my wife, who is not a familiar with driving a manual transmission is thinking it will help her.
It is pretty easy to tell as soon as you start to release the brake pedal as a manual car would typically roll/move, even for a second. When the HSA engages the car wont roll/move when you release the brake. I knew instantly it was on and then looked at the display noting it was activated.

For those that have driven a manual before it is odd to not have the car even roll a little when on an incline. If she is new to driving a stick this will be helpful for her.

Bottom line is if the clutch pedal is coming up the gas pedal should be going down...(and if clutch pedal is going down, gas pedal should be coming up) It should always be fluid motion at the same time....

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