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Originally Posted by fgg60 View Post
I don't know about you, but most people who have driven a standard for a long time ( 30+ yrs for me!!) can start on a hill and never roll backwards , I know I can! only the steepest hills cause me to roll at all, so hill assist gets in the way for those of us experienced manual transmission folks. If your gonna buy a performance car like a 1LE than most people would probably already know how to drive a standard and "don't have no time for dat" useless nanny assist crap!!

just MHO!
Maybe I should have clarified. It's odd not to have complete control over the car if you are being lazy or just relaxed you can allow the car to roll a couple inches as you are adjusting the radio. Of course I can prevent it from rolling too with only 23 years of driving a manual. .

Either way it has done nothing funky weird or dangerous in my vehicle so it doesn't hinder anything I do.

You want to worry about nannies, you should be more concerned about onstar tracking your every move
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