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Originally Posted by gajagfan View Post
People hate change. I do not have my car yet, so I am speaking a bit out of school, but it seems HSA might cause us seasoned manual transmission drivers to adjust the way we have always driven to maximize this feature. If we do so, it seems like it may work just as well, or better. Just my two cents!
I don't hate change. In fact, I like change...for the better. I just hate things that are poorly engineered, don't work, and are not a help. In addition, if I want my cars to drive for me, I would get automatics. At the minimum, so called "helpers" should be user selectable.

I don't see the Corvette with this.

When I see stuff like this, and gauges you can't even see past the steering wheel or shifter, I have to wonder who is running the Camaro show over there. We're talking driving basics here.

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