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Originally Posted by GRAHL View Post
How much you wanna bet some of these posters are an only child or the youngest? You know, the ones that won't stop crying until they're acknowledged. I mean their opinion was made days ago, but now it's about trying to salvage broken fragile pride! I've heard people repeat themselves but this is :rep osthorse:
Yeah I think you're pretty darned close with that assessment. If the adults here ignore the kiddies maybe we can continue the conversation without the adolescence.

I thought it was interesting to see the excitement and enthusiasm both Mark Reuss and Al O have demonstrated with this car. You can tell they're busting a gut trying to keep from letting the cat out of the bag on what this car can do, but they still can't resist dropping hints. It must be that good.

When Mark Stielow talks about over 200 changes, and they've only really spoken publicly of less than 20... you have to wonder what all he's actually done. This is going to be REAL good lol.

Blue Angel is here!!
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