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Originally Posted by baum View Post
ding ding ding!!!

i agree with all of these and this is what i did.

i emailed all the dealers around me. once i got the best price i asked the others to match. none would come close to the one i purchased from.
I emailed 6 dealers and visited 3 in my quest for a Camaro.

Two dealers fell out of the running when their online ad "price" was proven to be BS , adding in "programs" that virtually no one qualifies for, and then not putting any disclaimers in the text of the Ad. Pretty blatant false advertising.

Of the other 4 dealers, another 2 were "We are one price dealerships", where they inflate the vehicles price, and then lowball on the trade in. Huge margin on their numbers over what I eventually settled on. Like $5k huge. I asked them if that was their first offer. They said, "That's our price". I left.
(People actually fall for this horseshirt?)

Another dealer had a 2LS at a great price, but it was proven to be a demo from a recent car show. They insisted it was "new". Technically, it was, but driven (more like beat on) probably by about 1000 people over the course of a week. Yeah, no thanks.
IN the meantime.....courtesy of the knowledge gleaned on this site, I got a $1000.00 dollar private offer. Sweet !!!!!!
I did my own search online, and travelled 45 miles to buy my car. In the color I wanted, at a great price.
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