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Originally Posted by Cody6.2 View Post
Pretty sure he's talking about not being able to see half the speedo & tach as the auxilary cluster is easily visible.

And all these helpers are anything but actual helpers. Anyone that can drive a manual worth a damn doesn't need HSA. And lugging a car in 4th gear at 10mph is far from fuel conserving.
Well I can't see the aux cluster when I sit in a car with them, so that is why I thought that was what he meant. I am a bit taller than some, and sit relatively close to the wheel, so it may be more me. I have not noticed not being able to see the spedo / tach, but only have driven these new Camaros a small amount. The skip shift, as I was told with my WS-6, was part of how GM got the cars to have a better rating fuel economy wise, but I guess I never was shifting out of first gear at 10 mph or less. And I am pretty confident in my manual driving, as I am sure many others are also, but it takes more throttle when you are starting from a stop up a steep hill then it does on flat ground because the load on the vehicle is greater, and that increased RPM exposes the clutch to more slipping before it is fully engaged, so if you use this system, it should help reduce clutch wear. Just my thoughts. I agree that making it optional might have been the best solution, and I may hate it a ton once I get our car. I simply thought it was encouraging that someone (dropspeed) has found that it causes him no problems. To each his own!

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