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Originally Posted by Ehmsea View Post
Funny thing is, It would not be a problem if it worked as it is described in the manual:
"The brakes will automatically release when the accelerator pedal is applied within the two-second window."

This does not work! It will remain engaged for the whole 2 seconds. I've rev'ed mine up almost to 4k RPM on a start and It will not disengage until the 2 seconds are up.

So, if we were able to turn it on or off with a switch OR if it worked like the manual described this would not show up so much in the forum...
Same here!! I can give it all the gas I want and the darn thing will not release until the full 2 seconds has transpired!

It seems the 2 second time parameter trumps the accelerator movement parameter.

Perhaps we all have a bunch of mediocre/faulty Throttle Position Sensors?

I could live with it IF it worked as described in the owner's manual.
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