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Originally Posted by Forcer View Post
do you have the dual intensity circuit? or do you just have it positive and negative?

From the afterburners you should have a black and a red wire correct? black into black on the bulb wires, and where did you put your positive wire? to the park lights or the power wire?

Do they come on at all? if your bulbs are on, if you use your turn signal, if you use your brake light, is there any activity from them period? fastest way to tell if its a wiring problem would be to take one out, pop your hood, open your fuse box cover, touch the positive wire to the red power cable, and then the black negative wire to a bolt on the fender.. if it lights up, somthing is going on with the wires in the back.
Yes, the bulbs themselves work in all situations, when braking, when using the turn signals, just the actual afterburners won't work at all.

I honestly don't know if its dual or pos/neg. i just used what was in the aac kit. The inverter does have a red and black wire though.

Wired it like the instructions said, black to black and red to brown(parking lights).

I'll try checking fuses next, thanks for the tip...might have to bring it to an oracle dealer

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