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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
There is indeed a lot of weight in the seats. The driver's seat is 54.6 lbs, the passenger seat is 44 lbs. That's 98.6 lbs total. Right now I'm looking at Sparco Rev competition seats which weigh 15.9 lbs each. That would save over 66 lbs right there although I'd have to add the tank plates, harness bar and 5 point harnesses. I'm guessing maybe a total of 50 lbs of reduction after everything is equalled out.

Optic Armor stated replacing front and rear glass would save 40 lbs so I'm hoping front and both sides instead of rear window would save at least 40 maybe 50 lbs. I know the door windows are pretty big and heavy.

So seats and glass could be as much as 100 lbs of weight savings; that would put me at 3,588 lbs with a full tank of gas. Not bad!

As some point though it gets to where I have to consider cost versus value. I'm already in pretty far cost-wise so do I want to spend more, or possibly just get a Z/28? They've done and are doing things with that car that just isn't practical or possible for me to do with mine.
sub 3600 lbs with a full tank would be AWESOME! And at your power level, your already in z/28 territory.

But man if you have the opportunity to get a z/28 on your hands! exciting stuff for sure!

Originally Posted by The Stig View Post
Oh? Any hints as to what brand you guys are going with?
That, my friend is g14 classified information.......
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