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Ok. Take a corner yes, but. Ok in the first Fast and Furious there is the winning is winning crap. I still say the ZL1 is the superior car between it and the GT500 and the GTR. Because dollar for dollar its a better car. Meaning you throw the price difference between a ZL1 and a GT500 (with all the track pack and cooling stuff that ZL1 comes standard with) and now ZL1 lays down a better time at everything.

GTR? Ok well any car that the warranty is voided as soon as you turn off the nannies is a piece of crap. Plus. Can you imagine throwing $30,000 into a ZL1 to match the GTR price. Horsepower off the chart. Total suspension job, weight reduction, my god.

Bottom line is that the ZL1 going faster than a GT500 in a straight line is just a matter of HP, the GT500 will never be as track worthy. Next Gen Mustang though, with IRS, the game might be on.

Good article though, I might take a look at some of there stuff.
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