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Originally Posted by Dropspeed View Post
HMMM that is the day before my vacation starts...I might just have to make the drive over there!
Shall I add you to the list of participants?

Originally Posted by Doc View Post
I'd love to see much more of this as "official" C5 events rather than one big monster event each year that half the country can't attend because of the time and cost, and eats up a year of volunteer time planning and doing. Smaller official Camaro5 HPDE events of 50-100 people could be organized much easier all over the country and IMHO would be more fun and enjoyable to participate in.

I just wish I lived closer to Gingerman; I know you guys are going to have a blast!
Originally Posted by stand-al0ne View Post
I def agree with all of that. I think these regional things would be just the ticket. We have so many members on here (34k+) that I'm sure we could scavenge up 50-100 members per regional event. We all love driving our cars...could be on to something here!
The Fest isn't going anywhere...I like our big monster.

But...if I had a crystal ball...I might say I predict a few more of these little get-togethers popping up in different places. Don't hold me to anything...but I tend to agree with you both that this is a good idea for our members. It's not a whole lot fact, if more do happen - it'll likely be a little more difficult for a couple of years...but I feel it's worth it. The website is here for purposes like this.

And fun-fact....I dunno when the last time you checked our registration figures down below....but we've got 77,700+ members on

Originally Posted by gajagfan View Post
Will do. We did not get the NPP. We need it to be quite at times, and will make changes when the car starts to become more track than street. I did get the speaker upgrade. I know it's worth it, and my dealer has been great, but I really want my car!
I hear you!! You're going to love it when it finally comes!!
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