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Originally Posted by Mr. Wyndham View Post

It is too bad he's gone...if he were still around - THE Becky might never show her face at a performance event again!
Am I missing something? You WERE called Dragoneye at some point right?

Originally Posted by Doc View Post
I'd love to see much more of this as "official" C5 events rather than one big monster event each year that half the country can't attend because of the time and cost, and eats up a year of volunteer time planning and doing. Smaller official Camaro5 HPDE events of 50-100 people could be organized much easier all over the country and IMHO would be more fun and enjoyable to participate in.

I just wish I lived closer to Gingerman; I know you guys are going to have a blast!

Doc let me just interject and say that I really wish that you could make it to this event. You have no idea how much your build journal has inspired me on my own build. Before I even bought my car i knew that I wanted to turn it into a corner carver. Lo and behold, you were already doing everything I had planned and more.

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Blue Angel is what Tannhauser wants to be when it grows up.

Alright enough sucking up form me.

I think I'll go back to lurking for another year or so. See you all at Gingerman!
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