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Just an update. Picked mine up today, shes in my drive way with 61 miles on her. had 24 when I picked it up.

My review of the car summed up in 1 word..... AMAZING

The steering is really tight and responsive, and the entire car floats over the bumps. It has a very stiff ride but its very comfortable. All bumps are pretty much soaked and and it rides amazing. Corners like a dream. I took a corner in it taking it home (one I take every morning on my way home from work) and damn, what a difference from the Saturn to this. 40MPH near 90 degree slightly banked turn, felt like I was going 20 instead of 40.

This being my 1st stick car i'm not very good with stick at all but the clutch is nice, precise and heavy. Shifts are spot on (way better than the standard SS with the hurst option) Throws are really short, 5th is sometimes difficult to find but whatever. Had the skip shift kick in 3 time driving it home. 1st time it happened I panicked and tried to find 4th, go it in, car nearly stalled, clutch in, went back to 1st and the car bucked (but hey 2nd was open now) so I went to 2nd. and went thru the gears that way. stalled it twice (I know im a noob, who cares) car doesn't jerk when u stall, just kinda shuts off. I did notice the grinding sound every1 talks about. Its quite loud when skip shift kicks in. As long as its normal I don't care.

The car sound great, cant be any more happy with the dual mode. the car is loud when u want it to be and quite when you don't. decelerating the exhaust pops and crackles and puts a smile on my face every single time.

Interior is pretty nice. Seats are comfortable and seem to be holding me in pretty well. I'm 6'1" and I don't have any problem with head room or not being able to see the gauges. The my link works good, paired my phone with ease. The reverse cam sticks on the my link even after taken out of R and into 1st but hit back and its fixed. the Boston speakers are sweet, great sound quality.

Over all, damn good car and well worth the wait.

BTW Toxikk they did put a coat of a cilajet type stuff on my car for free and I didn't even have to ask! And I got 750 dollars worth of nearly free accessories (all I have to do is pay the sales tax on it)

Pictures to come later tonight!

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