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nice piece very informative but do any of you think that they only make a few hundred off of a $40,000 car? if they did none of them would be in business do you know how much it takes to employ all those people run all the phones keep up some of the elaborate buildings? I worked for a new car dealership and I know there are 3 invoices to each car this is the one that they will show you but it is not the actual cost of the car. you or no one at the dealership will ever see the true one except the person who pays the bills there. I know that the new car dept in every store is number one priority that tells me that that is where the most profit is made not service not used cars not parts. I know someone will disagree with me that is fine but think about it if they only made that much off or you it wouldn't be worth it to them and do any of you know any new car dealers personally? they are usually some of the wealthiest people in town.
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