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Originally Posted by Normagene View Post
Glad to hear about the XM Radio, mine was shut off, and then turned back on, and then another letter telling me it would be shut off in three months, so I had to thru the whole process again. Looks like now its all set. A plaque from GM, are you talking about the Certificates, all of us are waiting/waited on? I received my temp, still waiting on the hard copy. Lastly, did you order the car and was it placed on hold? I know some have/are waiting, the car is long done w/assembly and is/was in some sort of Quality Control holding period. Just wondering why your car? Picked at random/number out of a hat? Your the first I've heard of getting a call, I really like that someone actually took the time to get a customers opinion. I filled out this like 100 question survey, but that's about it. Especially glad you've had no issues! I love my ZL1 too!
I ordered my ZL1, and it was never placed on hold. As far as the plaque, I dont know if its the certificate you guys are waiting for or if this is different. I will take a pic of it and post. It did not say what # my ZL1 was, just details, Vin and my Name.
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