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If the truth were posted it would be a different story.

FY ivan,

I posted that the OP has refused to PM his name/address or any contact information so we could followup on this. He just choose to slam us, and the same with Blues.

We finally got his email from the forum and refunded his $.

This could of all been avoided if he had even sent us on PM for status and resolution and he did not. Read my relies.....I searched through nearly 1000 PM's and found none for his user name. We, and for that matter no one can read minds and magically find someones name and contact to even verify they are a rear customer (like the links blue posted put up by A;

A former employee that embezzeled over $142,000 from us.

A local website owner that failed to pay for heads/cam/FAST intake/billet throttle body/tune (over $6800 build) and decided to instead move the focus from his scam to slamming us.

Local competitors here that seem to not have the confidence to succeed on their own merits and have to attack others with fabricated stories and of course the blind followers that can be manipulated into doing whatever they are asked to do.

We found the OP's contact last night and have refunded him in full.
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