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WongBob said:
"The other issue is that my HUD. It has only happened a few times early this week, but it would come on and fade out. Then stay off for a few minutes and fade in and then back out. No clue what the deal is there. Hasn't done it again so the dealership couldn't diagnose it..."
I've 10,600 miles on my car and only once did I experience that same issue with the HUD.. I immediately googled and found that people have had it happen to them with glare. It seemed about right since that one time it happened there was massive glare, however it never happened before and I live in florida. I keep it on all the time and it's been working great since.

I remember being pissed that week because earlier Hill Start assist made me stall at the Hard Rock Casino garage and my clutch got stuck (which when googled, found out that others had the same problem).. it wouldn't fully come up after depressing it and eventually stuck my foot under and forced it up and it's been fine ever since.

That was about the only time I've ever been unhappy with my Camaro.. those problems made me sick to my stomach.. but that was months ago and no problems ever since! Love my Camaro.
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