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Originally Posted by Jericho View Post
Discovered that I need to sell my Ford Explorer E.B. ed. Not sad as it was the Wifey's but not happy with all I've heard about he economy either. This should be fun. Maybe I should find an Explorer forum.
Is the explorer a V8 with 4WD? Is it old and worn out? If so, you might be eligible for one of the Cash for clunker Obama rebates if you trade it in. Check out ALL the rules on:


You might be lucky if the Explorer qualifies. Just remember if you do, it id the government giving you the rebate, not the dealer, and Im sure dealers will try and act like they are giving this rebate out. I normally do not reccoment trading in, but 3500-4500 dollar rebate is pretty decent, and if your vehicle qualifies, it may be worth it. Just be carefull and read all the fine print... you are dealing with the Gub-Ment!
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