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ok, car is back together.. I have put about 200 miles on it so far and its made a few wide open pulls and it seems to be good..

Right now the car only has about 18 degrees of timing in it. I am pretty sure with the meth we will be turning it up after I run it at Atlanta or at least have it quit pulling so much timing at such a low I.A.T (it starts pulling at about 130 now)

the build is as follows

built shortblock, stock crank, H beams, Wisco 11cc dish coated skirts
Heads are PRC cnc'd LS3 castings... 350 cfm
CBI street cars custom grind
TSP headers
stock zl1 catback (because it is awseome...)
meth with #10 jet for now..
fully ported blower
NW 102
squash duel pump fuel system.
LPE cold air
Coan 3000 rpm stall
10% LPE lower pulley, 2.38 upper pulley the car is making a solid 15.5 pounds of boost according to HP tuner log...
blower speed is at maximum safe level 25,000 rpm at 6500 rpm..
comanded shift points are being kept to 6300 and 6400 rpm.
weld 20" rts wheels 10.5 rear and 7" in front.
M/T 305 20s in back and 235 Perellis in front.

the car is going up to get some testing done maybe as early as this weekend. It finally feels fast.. the car has never really felt fast to me, which I contribute to the weight and the very stable chassis.. Now it feels fast..


2011 cts-v coupe (pinky) wifes car.. ls9 cam c.a.i. 11.44
2007 corvette vert ..retired..
2013 zl1 stock blower stock ci 20" wheels 10.36 far..
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