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JusticePete, I understand that some times things get crazy busy my whole thing was during your interaction with T&T Performance I was contacting you to clear up the issues we had with what parts I needed. Even after multiple conversations you had with Tim at T&T Performance you still sent out the wrong coil wrap with the wrong adjusters. Granted you sent the correct one to me after but it wasted time and money for your company. If you would have called me back once this all could have been avoided, instead you guys just sent out parts that you thought were the right part and called it a day. After the first week of trying to contact you via PM you came back and informed me of the Friday power outage and were catching up with monday orders, if that is the case what about the previous week I had been trying to contact you via all means of communication, or was it just the new orders you were worried about. If I have to go through a vendor to get you to respond then why bother having an account on here or a phone number on the website that you never answer. I have got everything I needed with Tim at T&T Performance by his shop contacting you and getting what I need so I am happy but from now on I will know not to go to pedders directly and just go through one of their vendors to get some sort of response.
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