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Originally Posted by Faster12 View Post
What makes me love this article more than anything is the fact that there is one car not on the list! Anybody wanna take a guess? Some automaker who shall remain unnamed, focused a bit too much on one number (HP) and a lot less on the other (satisfied buyers). In fact how many positive reviews has this "other car" recieved over the past year? How many awards? I actually haven't seen a single one on the road. I hope this one doesn't bother the trolls.
No question, the ZL1 is a better car than a GT500. And if you can only have one all purpose car, it's the one to go for. Yet I suspect it's the OTT GT500 built while Carol was still alive that will fetch the big bucks 20 plus years from now. Why? Because cars will continue to evolve and there will be better cars than the current ZL1, but cars as crazy fun as the current GT500? I doubt it.

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