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OK for New Jersey...

Stealership: Pine Belt Chevrolet (on Route 88 in Lakewood)
Dealership: Circle Chevrolet (in Shrewsbury)

When I bought my current Camaro I went to Pine Belt first and it just didn't seem like they wanted to sell me a car that day. The car that I wanted was something that they just couldn't seem to find (I think they wanted to sell me something off their lot).

When I stopped into Circle Chevrolet, the mood of just walking in the front door seemed better already. They didn't have the exact car I wanted, but they found it in Pennsylvania (the same way Pine Belt could have...if they wanted to) and the sales experience couldn't have gone better from start to finish.

As for my trade in, Pine Belt low-balled me and when I didn't seem happy about the offer they started offering me more money for my trade-in. With Circle Chevrolet the first offer for a trade-in value was more (slightly) than the eventual last offer from Pine Belt.

One other thing is that I had a $1,000 Chevrolet Loyalty Check to use for my purchase. With Pine Belt they wanted to give me $1,000 worth of add-ons and use the coupon that way. With Circle Chevrolet, they let me take the $1,000 off the price of the deal they made me for the car.

Without a doubt...Dealership = Circle Chevrolet (Shrewsbury). Stealership = Pine Belt (Route 88 in Lakewood).
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