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Been playing with this the last few days. I found that the experienced driver method of dealing with hills doesn't work. Try to bare with me as this is hard to explain.

I tried leaving on a hill with the usual blip of the throttle and a somewhat aggressive lift of the clutch like I have done for years when driving a manual. Almost stalled the engine.

Then I tried leaving as though I was on flat ground. A slight touch on the throttle and a slow gradual lift of the clutch. Pulled away like butter.

It seems as though us experienced manual drivers are just too fast for the system. I know it sounds crazy, but try pulling gently away as soon as the light changes. No anticipation of the HSA release point. No attempt to avoid rolling back. Just a normal flat ground in traffic low rpm launch. Let the torque get the car rolling and I think you will notice it as being less intrusive.
It's a Dingledarm. It's there to dampen side fumbling. If your marzelvanes fumble too much they can cause total protonic reversal. It gets ugly from there. This is really the biggest problem with the new Camaro. That and the tri-pronged blivot.

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