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Also, "newb", good point and description, this how I see this system operating also. Great if the driver is just normally pulling away, but I can see how this system can cause the engine to stumble or stall if the driver is trying to QUICKLY move off to, say, fit into a smaller than normal gap in heavy traffic.

A competent driver moving off quickly can easily beat the two second delay. Then we can have two opposing forces as the driver wants to move the car forward immediately, but the HSA system wants to hold the car in place for an additional second. The driver has to either wait for a larger gap in traffic to start off normally, or get off the brake a second or so before actually wanting to start forward quickly. I would rather just have control of the situation myself, hence the choice of manual transmission in the first place.

Come on Chevy, a way to disable HSA makes sense here and should have been available all along.
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