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Originally Posted by ZL1Naboz View Post
Not sure there is a next gen CTS-v
Oh yes there will be another cts-v; Don't quote me of course, but IMO it is almost a certainty. I don't know whether it will get here in time to make a difference for the 5th gen, and even with the cts-v I am doubting whether it will go much more than 600 hp. The funniest thing with the lsa is that the caddy can dominate its competitors with its current power rating, so more power for it isn't really a priority. With the camaro and the corvette, its different because their rivals (although pricier) are showing up with more hp and/or quicker times.

I'm not sure how chevy is going to address this, but from what I've seen so far it looks like they will go the route towards handling and track prowess (somewhat similar to the late '70's vette and camaro....but not quite as anemic with the hp).
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