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Originally Posted by Paparazzi 1 View Post
So as another newbie, I don't understand yet how to navigate this Camaro5 forum either. Still trying to figure out all the abbreviations like PM/OP/sticky ! So I clicked on the 'questions' line to view other posts, only to see a Scooter guy slam someone for being here. Sure looked like the last forum in my area.

But, I do see he apologized moments later. Typical open mouth, insert foot.

And one of the reasons I don't visit the site too often is because of the childish, quick negative comments to someone's questions, or the immature BS comments.

So if there is an easy way for someone to learn how to operate on this forum, please direct me. Nicely.

Apology accepted.
PM = private message, sorta like a local e-mail service between forum members.

OP = original post/poster. The first post (or the person who made the first post) in a thread.

Sticky = the threads which are 'stuck' at the top of each sub-forum and never drift down. They are generally used to answer common questions or present important information.

There are a few stickies at the top of this sub-forum that can be very helpful for people unfamiliar with the site: Posting & Resizing ; Camaro5 Handbook ; Guide to the Subforums
Note, if I've gotten any facts wrong in the above, just ignore any points I made with them
Originally Posted by FbodFather
My sister's dentist's brother's cousin's housekeeper's dog-breeder's nephew sells coffee filters to the company that provides coffee to General Motors......
........and HE WOULD KNOW!!!!

Camaro Fest sub-forum
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