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Originally Posted by KlugSS View Post
If you are worried about it turn it all off, or at least as close as you can on a new gm.
Hold the TC button for 7 seconds and it all turns off. ST and TC. Be warned, many a car have been crashed unnecessarily by doing so. It is an ongoing argument here as to wether you should on public streets. My personal opinion is do whatever you want but it really isn't necessary in daily driving situations. Competitive mode gives you plenty of wiggle room with the computer back up to help correct the unexpected. Even the pros get in over there head from time to time.
It's a Dingledarm. It's there to dampen side fumbling. If your marzelvanes fumble too much they can cause total protonic reversal. It gets ugly from there. This is really the biggest problem with the new Camaro. That and the tri-pronged blivot.

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