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Originally Posted by Southern Comfort View Post
They say there are always two sides to a story. We always hear the manufacturer friendly reviews of pre-production, but rarely any qualified reports from the field.
This is quality information.
Bravo Matt

btw - how's the fluid reservoir look after the event.
Thank you....I am not the "average" GM/Camaro owner as I have gone full circle in automotive ownership and "toured the automotive globe" purchasing what I wanted without a brand loyalty. I buy something thinking 2,3,5,9 steps ahead as to what it is capable of, not just what it can do stock. Finally, cost is always a factor. The SS/1LE is a bang for the buck car that will hold its own against many more expensive vehicles. (Talking brand new cars that have a warranty also).

As far as the fluid, it still looked brand new yesterday....My wife and kids went to a movie so I could clean up and look over the car. Here she is back in the garage before the cover went on for the week.

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