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Originally Posted by Jim968 View Post
Yes. I'm still trying to place you in my memory. Did you race a 944 for a short time?
I only took a picture in passing as I liked the car....I wouldn't recognize you either. No 944 for me. I was first asked to drive a yellow Turbocharged Focus for a shop out of IN in some sort of Focus grudge match with other shops and we all ran in NASA TT. I had fun in TT so I ran the Evo in 06/07 and was usually pit with the guys/friends from Pure Tuning out of Toledo. I more or less disappeared from NASA in 08 to spend time with my kids..I purchased and finished a Civic Hatch track car (2100lbs /200whp) that I started to build 10 years earlier with a friend and ran that once in 2010 and sold it. Now I just lurk at tracks and instruct for fun.

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