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I don't blame the dealership at all. If I had one of maybe 5 Camaro's available for anyone to walk-in off the street and buy in all of DFW I would charge more for it because people will pay for it. That is pretty good business sense. I got upset at first too but then I realized the only reason I was mad is because I knew they were right. I wanted it right now and they were gonna get their money out of the car. If I didn't want to pay over MSRP I could order it anyway I wanted it and wait just like everyone else.

If you woke up tomorrow and there was a shortage of water and everyone was thirsty how much do you want to bet those who have water are gonna charge more for it.

Also to be clear they DO NOT charge over MSRP if you order a car. They only charge it if you walk-in and buy off the showroom floor. And when I went by today they had none.
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