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Just passing on some additional info. Looks like we will be parking cars around the Fountain again this year.

Also Visual Velocities will be doing photos again so you can get a large size printed at the show.

__________________________________________________ _________

Hi Everyone!

The best show ever is getting closer!!! I have an update on our pre-show parking and registration/check in location. Please see the attached updated map.

The large lots we have used in the past are not available for pre-show parking this year. Please do not park any of those lots including the one where Visual Velocity will be taking photos.

There is a small lot marked on the map for pre-show parking. The parking garage will also be available at no charge until 10am.

When you arrive please check-in right away. As soon as the boardwalk is ready we will start parking cars to clear the pre-show area.

This year we will be parking around the fountain. We will have two rows of cars. The fountain will be on half way, it was done last weekend for the Corvette show with very little issues.

I need to know before show day who is comfortable parking in the first circle in the fountain area. There is a chance the wind could blow a small amount of water drops on your car. The pressure will not be high enough for it to splash without the winds help.

A few things to remember:
- You can clean your car once parked on the boardwalk, but NO tire dressing on the boardwalk. Apply prior to.
- No coolers or outside food/drink
- No crazy driving
- Water will be provided at the H-Town tent by the stage in the fountain area.

Please email me with questions.

Monica Jordan (Moni)
Vice President H-Town Camaro Club

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