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Originally Posted by Bad70supreme View Post
Ya all true but your not building no 540ci out of a real big block from the 60s! What your talking about is a full aftermarket big block. Not sure what this guy thinks, but a ls engine requires allot less work to make some seriouse street power compared to a stock 454.
Why not a 540 or 572 out of a factory big block? My 2 bolt 460 with Eagle 521ci rotating assembly and EX-514 heads/intake was just under 900hp on the dyno. I followed that up with a Ford Motorsports A-460 block at the same 521ci with same heads, intake and carb but with a stupid big cam and showed 1070 on the dyno. Those were with single Dominators on cast aluminum intakes, no drugs, no forced induction, and on gasoline. You have to mess up to only hit 700 from a cheap 460 stroker with reworked SCJ heads and Victor. I have a 700hp Ford 460 (offset ground crank to 501ci) that was run for 4 years and is now sitting on an engine stand because it was to small for our use. It was used on the track and on the roads for those 4 years. That can slip into my Chevelle some day just to mess with the heads of folks at car cruise!

Many of the guys that sled pull run high 500's for ci out of iron 460/454 blocks. It's very common. Anymore, if your not 800-1000 hp, there is no use throwing a chain on back. Stay home.

That said, power is easy. Long life can be a whole different story. But keeping a traditional BB around 700 can be done fairly easily while being hobby streetable.

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