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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
soooooo...........may I see a show of hands as to who has actually SEEN a 2014 Camaro in person?

Funny thing happened at the Fbody Gathering in Atlanta last weekend......

.........nearly everyone liked what they saw (Crystal Red SS/RS) -- the main comment was "I don't care for the chrome strip" - and I suspect that some will paint it - some may try to remove it - and others will decide they like it once they see it for a while.

This is kinda like the first pictures of the steering wheel wayyyyyyyyy back in 2007 -- if you go back and look at the threads on this very site - the world was about to come to an end because it was 'ugly' -- 'fugly' -- "horrid" -- (insert your favorite insult here).........

.........and so we listened and started work on a new steering wheel for '12 model year. (yup - take some time to validate esp. for airbag and such...)

........and suddenly people were up in arms because we were getting rid of the 'magnificent' and "awe-inspiring" and "..solves world conflict..." (OK -- I made that last one up....) steering wheel to put an "ugly" - "fugly" - "Horrid" (Insert your favorite insult here)....... we see a pattern here?

Now -- Devryn - how would you like it if I called you a moron?

I wouldn't -- and frankly I don't know you that well to make such a pronouncement - and I suspect you're a great guy --

So - how 'bout not calling the Camaro Team "Idiots?" I think the team's proven that they're pretty good at what they do............
I was a lurker at the time, but I actually remember this.
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