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Originally Posted by Blue10CamaroSS View Post
Well I was tempted to buy some Granatelli brake rotors but after reading this and speaking with Jim from Ohio Speed, I'm gonna go the way of R1 Concepts premium brake rotors.
I called GMS this morning and asked for an opinion on all this stuff. J.R. was not in and his guys had no real knowledge of the thread. Spoke to Jasper and asked about where the wires and suspension were made. He said its all made here at the shop. I asked about the rotors not fitting because someone said they seemed oversized. He claimed they were Brembo blanks that they have slotted and drilled. To say shipping I am going there after work and picking up a set rotors. I will bring my camera and take a few pics if they let me. Hate to sound like a fan but I think these guys are legit. But again I am local and they did give me free air.
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