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My Plan

Originally Posted by VADER SS L99 View Post
You can use a ERL resleeved block for 427-454 ci. Only way I would do it for 427 or larger displacement with the LS3 block.
thanks to both Vader and Bad70. Are you saying that even going to 427 from the current 372 Cubic inches will leave me with an unreliable engine?

My plan was as follows:

Bored to 427, thats 54 more cubic inches and shaved heads for increased compression(not sure how much). This should be good for 100 to 120 horsepower.

Headers, cam, cold air, tune should be good for another 100 to 120.
That gives me at best 240 horsepower more for 666 horsepower. A little short of my goal, want 750 at the crank. Am I being to conservative on my estimates or just going in the wrong direction.

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