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Originally Posted by JoeyB View Post
WHY do you care and WHY would you want this thread closed ??? Hmmmm ??
Someone who has just gotten free air from them you are sure going thru alot of trouble defending someone you have NO experience with. I've been to the shop many times and NEVER saw anyone manufacturing anything (not to say they don't, I've just never seen it), all I see is stuff coming and going via carrier. And the parts guys packing and unpacking boxes.

For anyone coming on here to see if they want to do business with GMS, decide for yourself.
Also decide on if you want to take advice from someone who just got "free air" from them or people that have spent thousands and thousands of dollars with them. Myself over $30,000. Good luck
He's gotten more than free air - just bought a set of rotors from them.

Originally Posted by slowfofo View Post
I purchased the Granateeli rotors this morning and I am driving there to pick them up. I have not looked up the stock weights but Granateli told me the fronts weigh 24.5 and the rears are 23.9. I asked why their brakes were better than stock and they said, well they are stock, Stock Brembo cores that are machined with slots and holes or dimples. The benefit stems from the slots and dimples

Anyway I paid $425.00 and could not pass up the deal. I will weigh them myself before i install them to confirm. Wilwoods were quoted to me at $4557 front and rear in Red or Black
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