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Wow, wish I had the '06 JR !! I'd be singing his paraises too !! You sure you got the right shop ???
Funny after I got my car back the very first time I had to tell Nick and JR that I no longer wanted to get my car back with their mechanic's finger prints all over it. Told them if I bring the car to you clean I want it back that way. I even said they could add the cost into the bill for washing, I just don't want to spend thousands and get a dirty car back.
Wish I was smart enough to have taken pics, looked like the cops dusted it for finger
Still to this day he brings that up in emails like I was complaining for no reason.

On a side note: Slowfofo PM me and I will give you my cell so we can meet up next Tuesday. I'm done with your BS and wasting everyones time on here arguing with you.

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