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This starts with my responses in the quote from you and proceeds down to the bottom, I made my comments in bold red lettering for clarity...
Originally Posted by slowfofo View Post
Also I did not try to PM YOU (SSE 4 2SS) I tied to PM (Stig) about brakes. I understand that you are a customer of Granatelli I was asking if Stig was as well. Although you never directly answered the question. You said you bought your first turbo kit from your engine guy who bought it from TTi. So I still can't see the connection to Granatelli. I understand they all call it the Granatelli/TTI kit but that is like saying you purchased a Vortech from Jannety Racing and now you expect SuperchargersOnLine to warranty it because they all sell "Vortech" blower and all use the "Vortech" name. Perhaps I am still missing something?

I'll try to use simple terms... and lay this out for you... Granatelli must not be coaching you very well...

My builder and I, tried to talk to phone reps at Granatelli about the kit. My builder is an engineer and he didn't want a voice reading the sales ad to him... He needed higher level information...

We could not get J.R. on the phone, so I pm'ed George at TTI and he gave us a number to call... even though he was at the time at SEMA.

We called and talked to him, got our questions answered and ended up that George set my builder up as a preferred vendor/installer...

We bought the kit... I'm not going into the details of it here, but my builder and I have an agreement pertaining
this car that is outside of the norm, but that's our business...

At that time, TTI/Granatelli were considered one for the purposes of business and this kit... I'll prove it later... Hang on...

They both claimed ownership of the kit... J.R. the loudest...

This is not a Granatelli thing by me ...Bunch of irrelevant stuff deleted here...

Respectfully that is what it sounds like here. You purchased a turbo kit from a mechanic who purchased a kit from TTi and because it says Granatelli turbos on the net you are putting them together. I understand you say Turbo tech built the kit for Granatelli. That only means Turbo Tech has a hand in Granatelli business not the other way around - While I am sure you are getting mad at me now I am merely getting all my information from this thread and what you say here and your mega thread. You said Granatelli sold you new turbos (off his own car) Wrong... J.R. sold me the turbo's off his display motor. He asked for my old turbo's to put back on his display motor... I did this... They were my turbos bought and paid for...He told me in the parking lot the turbos retailed for 1600 a piece, and so it would cost me 3600... huh??? He didn't pay retail for them... so he way over doubled his profit there based on knowing I was stuck... and he had the balls to do this in front of several hundred people that knew the car and were following along... I can post some of those comments as well... and then gave you a credit for your old ones after they came back from Turbonetics or Precision. If he sold you turbos and credited you for the old ones then what are we missing. Perhaps you feel he over charged you. That I can see and understand but the rest does not make sense. The credit was way less than the value of the turbo's that I already had a buyer for... He never gave me the option to take possession of them... basically he stole them and then out of the goodness of his little heart, he paid me what he wanted for them....

Gotta run -
I have pulled a few quotes below to disprove and counter everything you mention... So, your argument and long drawn out drama are completely baseless...

Please read the following quotes and feel free to ask if you can't follow them...

Originally Posted by [COLOR=Red
Granatelli[/COLOR];2960433]Look who is back from the bad boy room! Thanks for putting us in your signature

From my build thread... I had added TTI/Granatelli to my signature at the time, since I was the owner of the TTI/Granatelli Kit.

Originally Posted by [COLOR=Red
Granatelli[/COLOR];2976337]We sell the kit both ways - it was order that way - oh well live and learn
J.R. felt it ok to answer questions related to the kit... his kit so why not...

Originally Posted by [B
Granatelli[/B];2979581]The 2 lines that are T'd with the black heat wrap are the oil feeds to both turbos. We supply provisions to tap into the oil sending unit with a single supply line and then it T's into 2 smaller lines to feed the turbos. The attached to detail on your install looks great I am proud to have Granatelli TT system on your beast
Seriously damning evidence of claiming ownership of the kit here, regardless of who actually took the money in the first place... Remember, they are in bed together as for the purpose of this TT kit... Can I make it any clearer... J.R. claimed ownership right up until the turbo's crapped themselves... I could get out a crayon and big chief tablet if needed...

Originally Posted by Granatelli View Post
Whatever... Obviously J.R. was excited about the results we were achieving with "HIS" kit...

Originally Posted by Granatelli View Post
Nice to see numbers on the Granatelli system that are not from me. I hear there is a guy in Florida that has been running 10.6 at 129 with our kit on an otherwise stock car - I know he is a member here but has not posted since he purchased his kit - uhg or is that ugh
In this one above, J.R. was glad we were advertising the numbers as an independent evaluator rather than having to constantly post his results, which can be skewed by vendors... We validated "HIS" kit... We made a sales argument for "HIM."

Originally Posted by [B
TTI George[/B];3043332]That would be TTI/GMS
And here, George got miffed that Granatelli took sole credit for the kit in the post above... Understandbly so, since the kit was the TTI/Granatelli kit ... Can't separate it any way you slice it...

Originally Posted by Granatelli View Post
Yes George
Awww, and J.R. having had his peepee spanked agreed, yes it is the TTI/Granatelli kit...
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